Why vote X-G in Garðabær?

Garðabæjarlistinn, X-G, is a party in Garðabær made up of several different political parties (Social-democratic Alliance, Left Greens, the Pirate party) as well as of people that have no political affiliation, but care for our community here in Garðabær. We have been in minority in Garðabær council for the past four years, with three council members against the Independence party’s eight. 

Our priorities and issues in the upcoming elections revolve around three principles: We want Garðabær to be more diverse, child friendly, and responsible. 

Garðabæjarlistinn wants everyone to get from one place to another safely and efficiently, regardless of mode of transport. We will improve infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, electric-scooter users and place more emphasis on public transport. One thing that can be done right away is to create safe places for the storage of cycles in front of schools and sports areas.

We want everyone to be able to live in our beautiful Garðabær. When it comes to housing, we want to build more affordable and secure rental housing provided by non-profit organizations such as the ones founded by unions (Bjarg from ASÍ and BSRB, Blær from VR) and Icelandic Student Services (FS). 

Our community is more diverse than ever. Garðabæjarlistinn will create a human-rights policy for Garðabær and ensure that everyone who works for the municipality and schoolchildren receive anti-bias education, with the aim to improve living conditions for e.g. people of foreign origin, disabled people and LGBTI+ people.

Our community needs to be more child friendly. As is, costs are much higher for families in Garðabær than in neighbouring municipalities. Garðabæjarlistinn wants to systematically lower the cost of services for families with children, e.g. by providing extra discounts for families with two or more children who are in sports or other activities, and lower rates for play-school. In addition, we will provide a free healthy breakfast, e.g. oatmeal and fruit, for children in primary schools. 

Garðabæjarlistinn is determined in ensuring that the development of schools, sports and the music school is in accordance with the increase in population, while also improving safe access to sports and other activities between neighbourhoods. Children need to be safely able to bike or walk where they need to go. 

Garðabær should be a responsible community. We want to prioritise finances to create more equality for the people in Garðabær, make sure that disabled people receive adequate care and support, as well as having municipal housing available for people who need it. 

We want everyone to feel a sense of belonging in Garðabær, and for that information is key. Garðabæjarlstinn wants to make information on the rights of disabled and older people readily available, as well as providing more information on services and rights in other languages than Icelandic.

We encourage everyone to use their rights to vote on May 14, and hope that the people of Garðabær trust us to improve our community. 

Þorbjörg Þorvaldsdóttir, leader of X-G Garðabæjarlistinn

Foreign nationals are eligible to vote in municipal elections. Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish nationals who are registered with a legal domicile in Iceland have the right to vote in municipal elections. Other foreign nationals who have had a legal domicile in Iceland for more than 3 consecutive years before election day also have the right to vote in municipal elections. Voting in Garðabær takes place in Mýrin and Álftanesskóli, 14 May. To find information on where to vote, click here